Saturday, May 29, 2021

Reactionary vs Visionary

"...  And He knows what will happen to His creatures in this world and in the Hereafter"

Ayatul Kursi 2:255


We are not Allah, as our knowledge is limited. However, we can predict what will happen in the near future. For eg. we know we are going to wake up and go to work. 

This is what I called our "vision". We can prepare by making sure we do our homework so that we won't get harassed by our teacher or boss. 

However, if we are reactionary, we will get told by our teacher that we have not done our homework and then you react. ... Giving excuses or just accept the tongue lashing and do the homework there and then. 


Both get the job done.. (homework)  but the one with vision is able to achieve more because he sees it before it happens.



Friday, December 11, 2020

How to organise time

Time is the most precious commodity. How you spend your time determines your success. Is time spent on vacation time well spent? Yes it is, only when you are able to relax and recharge.  If you come back tired, then it is time wasted.

I think I will not lecture you about how a Muslim should view time. Time for a Muslim on earth is to gather as much good deeds as possible while worshiping and believing in Allah etc.

In this age of computers, organising time is easier. I use to use google calendar a lot but I have stopped using it.  But whatever methods or apps you use, these are factors to consider.

Ease of use
It must be easy to use. To input the parameters like date and time for eg.

It must let you see your schedule in different magnification. Day, week, month and quarter and year. Maybe.

There are things you do everyday or once a week and sometimes, you forget them because the system does not add them automatically.  

A strike pilot know when they will reach a destination by waypoints. GPS when riding uber also can tell when you are reaching.  This concept is useful if you want to be on time everytime. It could be by way of instrumentations or just by calculating mentally how much time you have left.
This is my solatime project.  In the first version, I find the traditional analog clockface better than a digital watch because of the visual effect. It looks like the pilot's radar. The radar can be adjusted to how many km visibility. It can mute some things so that you can focus on a particular objective. 

However, I think the ETA factor is more important. And the focus is there in this version.

Friday, September 13, 2019

How to write a book

A book is a big task. I do have experience in writing some manuals or documentation. Does that count? I mostly does it in latex.

It takes a while before you get the hang of it.

You don't have to put everything in one document file. Best to break it into smaller pieces. When you are ready to publish, then you can then add it all together in one file. This is the key. How you achieve that, is up to you.

You need to read and edit it constantly. Print it and then edit it using pen or pencil. Refine it. So whatever method you use, it should be easy and accessible. Just like this blog (Blogger).

It is not that easy but its achievable because latex in essence is text you can edit.

Take note of the numbering. I think lawyers make good writers. They write all day. Their organisation of data and facts, presentation and especially their numbering are impressive.